An Experience Of A Lifetime

The Royal Crown European Roulette online Table Game is probably the most realistic roulette experience one will ever have without going into a land-based casino. All you have to do is to rely on your gut instinct, place a bet on your lucky numbers and set the ball rolling. This is a great way to get lucky and collect enormous amounts of wins from the sidelines. Basically the game is quite easy and fun. Once a player enters the Royal Crown Roulette – European, he or she has to select the amount that they would like to use throughout the course of the game. After this the player has to place their chips according to how much they would like to bet. For doing this, it is appropriate to just select the chips that you would like to bet with your mouse, and move them to the appropriate field or fields. Once the ball stops, the winning number is marked with a yellow arrow and any wins are automatically credited to the player’s balance. A player must be careful not to lose because all losing bets go to the bank.

Try Your Hand On A Game Of Chance

The Royal Crown Roulette Online is a great way to try your luck at winning money. All you have to do is place your bets at Bell Fruit Casino and make your choices wisely, when placing a bets on the table. In fact, as the ball spins around the wheel the expectation rises. If one is lucky then one can rake in his or her winnings with this fantastic looking virtual Roulette game and become a big player in their sizzling hot slot arcade casino. Select how much credit to take into the roulette S game upon opening the game. Click on the pile of chips in the lower right corner of the screen and select how much you would like to bet. Then, click on the area of the table where you would like to place your bet. Once you have clicked Spin and the ball has stopped, the winning number will be highlighted and any winnings automatically credited to your balance.

The best thing about this site is that it takes care of 2 things at the same time- entertainment with responsibility. This site focuses on responsible gaming. It is absolutely necessary to stay in control of how much money and time players spend on gaming. While there are several ways to gamble such as the National Lottery weekly draws and scratch cards, betting, poker, bingo and gaming machines among others, each carries an element of risk though they are considered as enjoyable leisure pastimes. Players have to always be conscious of how much time and money they are spending on gaming and make sure that they never spend more time or money than they can reasonably afford. It is always advisable to limit your playing time and take regular breaks. It’s also important to set a spending limit while gaming and make sure you stick to it. While the key message is that gaming should always be fun and enjoyable.

Play Roulette Games at Casino Las Vegas


Play roulette games at Casino Las Vegas

When you go to play roulette, there are some key tips and tricks that you should keep in mind. This will allow you to keep more money in your pocket than you’re lying down on the table which is always a good thing while at any casino. However, the first thing that you want to think about is to make sure that you’re having fun. Playing roulette games at should be fun and rewarding when the time comes.

Tips to keep in mind
You want to keep in mind that Roulette is a game of chance and luck and not a game of skill. You will never actually know where the ball is going to land when the time comes. You just have to make sure you stick with the same numbers instead of moving around, however the choice is yours.

You should make sure that you know the rules of the game and how it is played when the time comes. You want to make sure that you’re playing the game correctly, and that you understand what is going on at all times.

When playing any casino game, always keep in mind that the house usually has the advantage since it is their casino; you play by their rules so you have to make sure that you bet on the game wisely.

Always know that you’re not going to be the one that is able to spin the wheel, so you want to make sure that you try to stick with around the same numbers, or choose numbers that no one is on for a larger payout.

Casino Las Vegas can provide the player with the ultimate in games and rewards. They provide weekly bonuses that you can grab hold of when you own an account, as well as progressive jackpots which pay out even more. Try your luck at numerous games or go play the games of skill and win just as much. This casino can provide a lot to the player that wants to have the most when it comes to choice in games and being able to get a decent amount of jackpots and tournaments to take part in. Not every casino offers these, but you can make sure to play at a casino that does.

Different Types Of Casino Sites In Online

People may think that all casino sites are same. But it is wrong there are different rules are following by the different sites. When a player is confuse to know about that which site is a reputable one. It is hard for the player to visit all site to know about the best site. So it is best to see the casino referral site. It is the duty of the referral site to visit many casinos and know about their games offered and customer support and that site is friendly for the customers. After knowing which are best site people may start their account and using their credit cards to continue the game. Find out the right blackjack new providing site will help them well in understanding the tactics of games to favour winning by their sides. Moreover, this will help them to avoid losing their real money that they invest in some games for the first time when they try out a new game.

Most people using credit cards to put in the cash but many other options also available for the player who don’t have credit cards. The PayPal, fire play, money bookers and so many options are available for the players. By referring the online casino sites player can choose the casino which option is best for them. Many online casinos give bonuses for the player, so that they can play the games continuously without investing any money. If the player likes the game very much they can double their money on playing the bonuses games.

The bonuses given by the casino sites is vary from one another. The bonuses are given for all games are different because of the betting requirement. For high bet game the bonuses also high, for small bet games the bonuses also low. So it is better to read the rules of the games. Players who are playing the online blackjack can enjoy more bonuses in the game because it is one of the popular casino games. Players can play the game with more number of players. And some players who like to play the skill game like to play the blackjack game because many casino games are based on luck but for playing the blackjack player need to put their skill to win the game. If they know about the game it is possible for them to win the game. Otherwise they could not win the game.

The roulette betting experience improved

The dangers of betting are experienced by many in the real world casino. Most of the times we have our fingers crossed before the results are out. The lottery based games and slot games are many times experienced by people, but a casino without roulette seems like missing a major gaming delight coupled with the clutter and the noises of the people winning and losing as witnesses in the land casinos.

The online casino has ushered a new era of hope among the people that they will never get bored whether or not they have money. They will never be stranded from playing their favourite games in the online casinos as now there are many available for free. The online gaming experience has doubled in terms of fun factor, as there is no major drawback now. From bonuses, to free slot games, it has enveloped casinos with magic and handed over extraordinary power to people  to play the game where the spin wheel and the pocket numbers in two major colours define the nature of this game called roulette. The betting is confined to a few parameters. One can go for inside or outside bets in online roulette games which have different probabilities of winning for the players. The people in U.S. prefer playing the American version of Roulette and the European people prefer playing European one. However, the American version is the simplified version more often played. The latter option is preferable only in the free free slot games, as it otherwise is known to fill the pockets of the casino.

The casino players have different moods at different times. Sometimes they wish to play the brain whacking games like poker and other card games and sometimes luck based games like these. However, the games if rigged will ruin the whole interest levels. Hence, choose the casino very carefully.

Casino games look different on Jackpotjoy

Jackpotjoy is a site probably best-known for its Bingo, but its casino games are well worth checking out if you haven’t done so yet. That’s because they’re just a little bit different from the mainstream. A lot of this has to do with Jackpotjoy’s graphics which really put you in a casino – probably more than any other online casino provider you’ve ever tried.

Of course, you have to see it to believe it, but you can play for casino games for free with Jackpotjoy to see if you like it first. Then, if you decide you do want to play through, you’ll be able to pick up a £35 welcome bonus in return for just £10 of your own money down before you start spinning the roulette wheel.

One of the things that sets Jackpotjoy’s casino apart is the sound effects, which really put you in a virtual casino, along with the 3D graphics with some roulette games. Take Jackpotjoy’s well-known “Roulette Splendide” game, for example, which you can play for as little as 10p per game, up to a maximum of £1,000 a time if you’re feeling particularly lucky. This really does have to be the closest thing you can possibly get to a real casino roulette table on your PC.

Roulette players can place their bets on either the traditional or French Racecourse layouts. And, just as in a real casino, you choose your best in accordance with the type of player you are and how you’re feeling; all or nothing or multiple lower margin bets etc.

To play, you simply click on a chip from the tray at the base of the screen, then click on your chosen area of the roulette table to place your bets. Every additional click on the table area adds another chip to your bet; an action you can easily reverse by pressing the space bar at any time. Alternatively, you may decide to clear all your bets by clicking on the “Clear Bets” button, while the “Repeat Bets” button repeats your bets from the previous spin of the classic roulette wheel. Your winnings are immediately credited to your account.

It really is straightforward and feels more like the real thing than you would ever have imagined. Try it out for yourself, but make sure you get the welcome bonus and try a few rounds in demo mode only to get to grips with the game first.

The biggest roulette winner of them all

There are so many places to play online casino games today that it’s not surprising that the wins are getting bigger and bigger. Whatever you play, there’s a possibility of winning big. If you play slots online now with, there are progressives to play for that have life-changing jackpots up for grabs. And that’s just one example. Every casino site will have amazing progressive jackpots available – it’s just a question of deciding which one to play for.


Big roulette wins happen every day these days, but back in the 1890s there was a man who was said to be the first person to ‘break the bank’ in a casino. To break the bank means to play so well that you leave the casino table without any chips. Games have to be stopped while more chips are fetched from the casino vaults. As you can imagine, it’s rare that this happens and Charles Wells was an English conman who did this in Monte Carlo back in 1891.


Wells sat down at a roulette table and played an eleven-hour marathon session with £4,000 that he had procured from investors into his supposed invention of a musical jump rope (it never existed). During that time, legend has it that he broke the bank twelve times. And at one point during his mega-gaming session, Wells called the right bet 23 out of 30 times in a row. This has never been repeated at any casino in the world. By the end of the night, Wells left with a million francs’ winnings. Casino officials claimed he had used the Martingale system to win such a massive amount. This is where you double each bet each time you have a loss – until you have a win. Wells always said he never used a system, and that his win was down to pure luck.


That’s not where the story ended though. Wells then convinced investors to put money into another supposed invention to improve fuel saving on steam ships. He went back to Monte Carlo in 1892 and broke the bank again six more times. However, his investors and the police caught up with him and he was arrested in Le Havre and extradited to England for fraud. His case was heard at the Old Bailey and he was imprisoned for eight years, and then a further three.


On his release, Wells went back to France where another financial scam earned him another five year prison sentence. There was no happy ending for Wells; he died penniless in Paris in 1922, but he’s remembered more for his amazing roulette win than his sorry demise.

Teaching Better Roulette Play

Nowadays, with hundreds of casino sites opening, getting a no deposit casino bonus isn’t that difficult. However, you might just be interested in knowing the different ways how you can possibly receive these bonuses so that you don’t go through unnecessary processes of finding and evaluating the bonuses yourself. It is not as complicated as you might be thinking. There are ample of ways by which one can understand play roulette at InterCasino. The best of the methods are enlisted. They have been explained very nicely so as to give the best view of how to approach these bonuses and how to utilize them to the maximum.  They are as follows:

1-      Getting referred

One of the most simple method that one can take the advantage of is to probably get referred and after that obtaining the bonus in the prescribed manner. This is one thing that anyone would ideally will try and follow if one wants to play as safe as possible and only select the option which won’t give ugly or tough consequences in the end. Truly speaking, getting referral for a no deposit casino bonus which is followed in this manner will be highly recommended only if one is not up to the part of searching something else. If one only wants it, the person is guaranteed of getting the best offer.

2-      Search as many websites as possible

Secondly, one can also go for the option of searching the deal based websites which regularly publish the latest deals made by the websites in the recent past. When you pursue the habit of making use of these web sites, then you will be able to find out the best deals and possibly optimize your profit and grab the best possible opportunity online. This is as far the best approach possible to find out a site which gives the best deals you might be interested in. This can sometime get competitive too. Like you many individuals are searching for the apt content and in this suppose someone before you manage to get it gets a disadvantage for you.

3-      Refer to the review based sites

Referring to the review based sites is also a good idea. The best reviews on such sites make the bonuses livelier and make the customer more interested in them. Now a combination of reviews can also be considered which come from different site so as to make the detail much more relevant and trustworthy. Referring to this information which is provided here, one can be easily sure and can figure out the best sites available to get bonuses and won’t confuse him or herself as to what he or she has to go for. This final stage is the fool proof of getting a website which is authentic and one can be sure to deposit money on it to get more and more facilities.

Jackpotjoy Commercials with a Fun Twist

Only three months into 2013 and there have already been some excellent commercials released that will make most viewers laugh. This is the goal of more and more commercial campaigns these days, as brands know that if they can entertain an audience while advertising to them they are much more likely to get them to identify with and ultimately buy their product. Below are some of the funniest commercials that have come out already in 2013.

Geico’s Dikembe Mutumbo

Dikembe Mutombo was always a fun guy to watch and interview when he was playing basketball in the NBA, and he quickly became a household name. The absurdist commercials from Geico take advantage of this in their spot with Dikembe Mutombo rejecting everything that comes his way, which is hilarious when you see it happen over and over again. While most Geico commercials fall a little flat or are just uncomfortable, this one manages to truly be advterising gold.

VW’s Jamaican Commercial

The new Volkswagon Bug is being released in 2013, so there have been a number of commercials to advertise it and the fact that they have a convertible option on the car. In this spot, the tall white guy from Minnesota who works in a corporate office suddenly sports a Jamaican accent because he is so relaxed. The dialogue in the spot is hilarious and memorable enough for just about anyone to consider buying a Beetle of their own. You almost want to see this character continue into new worlds and environments with his Jamaican accent mon.

Jackpotjoy Red Nose Bingo

Homaging classic kung fu movies, had their own original recurring character the Queen of Bingo fighting criminals in a 70’s style fight in a box warehouse. Over stylized in the perfect way, this commercial is hilarious on a number of different levels, ranging from prat fall laughs to the entire situation as a whole. Most impressively the Queen of Bingo performed all her own stunts, which makes the ad appear even more accurate, at least in regards to a Bruce Lee film.

Hyundai Santa Fe Big Game Ad

Hyundai has been churning out cars and quality commercials for the last few years and this first one they released in 2013 to advertise their sports utility vehicle the Santa Fe is no different. In it, a kid is trying to play football in the park when some bigger kids push him away and tell him to find a team. Through a montage we see a Santa Fe driving to recruit his team of incredibly gifted and tough kids from all over the neighborhood. Charming and hilarious at the same time is tough to pull off but this commercial does it better then most.

The Role of Gaming Authorities

Game authorities play vital part in online gaming operations of casinos. They are authorized to grant game operators with licenses to get them recognized in online casinos based on jurisdiction. Gaming authorities ensure that the gaming guidelines are strictly followed and ensure that players are protected in all aspects. License for gaming jurisdiction helps online casinos operate legally. If an online casino is licensed, the more established gaming software providers will allow the use of their software. Consumers are remained protected and they can win money online confidently at without fear of getting duped. Also, most providers of gaming software establish dispute centers so players can raise their concerns against a website that uses their software.

One of the internationally credited gaming authorities in UK is the eCOGRA. The organization tests how online gaming websites operate as well as how players are treated and protected. The eCOGRA certification ensures that the best operational requirements are met emphasizing on the importance of responsible and completely fair gaming. The organization makes constant monitoring and obligatory onsite reviews to ensure all details are covered. The eCOGRA certification has a number of jurisdictions covered including Malta, Denmark, Gibraltar, Spain, and Isle of Man.

Once the license has been issued to the operators, the job of the gaming authority does not stop there. Gaming authorities check out the duration of the license and expect online gaming operators to renew their licenses. These authorities can find out whether an online gaming operator is beginning to violate the terms and conditions included upon the license issuance. Operators will not be able to renew their license if their functions are not satisfactory after re-evaluation. Authorities are attentive to the concerns of players regarding issues on winnings, the game play or the policies. It’s possible to revoke the license from irresponsible online gaming operators. Regulating authorities are important in keeping online casino a secured place where players can win money online. Operators achieve better competitive advantage since most players prefer to play on casinos with licenses from best jurisdictions. In short, the participation of these regulatory agencies ensures better and safe gaming experience.

Why Should I Play Online Roulette?

Just about every game you can play in a traditional brick and mortar casino has found its way to the internet. Many have even discovered inherent advantages to playing their favorite games online, rather than in a land based venue. One of these advantages is being able to play the game in an environment that is less intimidating, especially if they are fairly new to the game, or just learning to play.

Playing a new game online is much less daunting because you have a certain degree of anonymity. Not only that but most online casino sites also offer free play for new members. Many enjoy learning the game of roulette online and if you want to play online roulette in one of the best casino sites on the internet!

Roulette can be an exciting experience as the wheel is spun, that time spent anticipating where the ball will land is a thrill for many. Many also are drawn to the game of roulette for the many different sorts of bet that can be made on the game. For these reasons, many players prefer roulette over blackjack, another casino favorite. Many like the payout they can get in roulette whereas blackjack only pays 1 to 1, unless you have a blackjack hand. Roulette offers a much greater percentage of payout.

Many roulette fans also find they prefer the opening hours of the online casinos. Here they can play roulette whenever the fancy strikes. Also, playing at home is a lot more convenient since you don’t even have to leave your home, this can save you many expenses you might incur when going to a brick and mortar casino. This would include travel expenses as well as child care costs, you also can drink what you choose and you don’t have to pay for snacks and you can smoke if you would like.

Many players also find that they can pace themselves better when playing roulette online than in a regular casino. Since, they don’t have a small window of time like they do when traveling to a casino, they can play when the mood strikes and not try to fit as much playing in during a specific time frame.